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Local Vendor Preference Registry and Certification Application

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  2. Eligible location must have a majority of full-time employees, chief officers and managers regularly conducting work and business from this location.

    Eligible locations within the Town of Lexington must have held a valid town business license for at least three consecutive years prior to application for the registry. Eligible locations outside of the Town of Lexington must have been maintained for at least three consecutive years.

  3. Please indicate below the highest preference for which your Eligible office qualifies based upon location:*
  4. Please provide complete contact information for the individual responsible for this application:
  5. I understand that inclusion on the Local Vendor Preference Registry is voluntary and not a guarantee of obtaining contracts with the Town of Lexington or with contractors proposing Town of Lexington projects. I understand that contracts with the Town of Lexington are awarded in compliance with local, state, and federal law as applicable. I acknowledge that a valid Certificate of Insurance, IRS Form W-9, and all proper licensing will be required to contract with the Town of Lexington. I further acknowledge responsibility for and accuracy of all information contained in this application and I agree to update the application as needed to keep the information accurate. I understand that failure to provide accurate information may result in removal from the registry, cancelation of contracts, voiding of proposals, and other penalties as may be applicable. I understand that inclusion on the registry will involve public disclosure of information contained herein and I agree to such disclosure by the Town of Lexington. I hereby also certify eligibility for the preference credits indicated above in compliance with the Town of Lexington Local Vendor Preference Ordinance.

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