Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I report a pothole?

- This can depend on the location of the road. Roads within Town limits can be owned and maintained by either Town of Lexington, South Carolina Department of Transportation, Lexington County Public Works, or they can be privately owned. We recommend you use the SCDOT Street finder link to determine and get you to the right entity.
2. Why am I seeing Flashing Yellow Left-Turn (FYA) Signals at intersections?

- This is a mandated change from the results of a national study conducted by the Federal Highway Administration, it demonstrated these signals:
  • Are safer- prevent crashes
  • More efficient-allows more traffic flow through intersections
  • More consistent- this mandate will be in every state and the function of intersections throughout the US will be cohesive

- The gradual installation of FYA signals started in 2013 in South Carolina.

- There is also an informational video link to learn more about flashing yellow arrows.

3. How do I report a streetlight out in the Town of Lexington?

- If the light is located in the Town’s jurisdiction you can call the Town of Lexington Transportation office at 803-358-7273 or you may contact Dominion Energy directly at 1-800-251-7234. If it is not located in the Town’s jurisdiction you will need to contact your energy provider which is usually Dominion Energy or Mid-Carolina Electric.

4. How do I report an issue/concern with traffic signals?

- This can depend on who owns/ maintains the signal. If it is owned and maintained by the Town of Lexington, you can submit it through the website or call 803-358-7273.