February 2022

During February’s Council Meeting, I will deliver the annual State of the Town Address. It is a chance to look back at the notable accomplishments from the previous year and also a chance to look forward to what’s ahead. One topic I will discuss in the address is improving traffic, which is a top priority for Council and something we are continuing to make significant progress. 

As part of the new development on the corner of Mineral Springs Road and Highway 378, a dedicated right turn lane was added to turn onto Highway 378. Next, a dedicated right turn lane will be added at that intersection on Highway 378 to turn onto Mineral Springs Road. It is expected to be completed sometime this year. 

Soon, you will see the final phase of the Adaptive Signalization System go live. Mast arms have been steadily going up and cameras and software are being installed on the traffic signals. This system should be fully operational in Spring of this year. Once this goes live, all Town maintained traffic lights will be synced up to one network and cameras at each intersection will monitor traffic in real-time and make adjustments. 

The first phase of the Crossroads Improvement Project is wrapping up. This project added an additional lane on North Lake Drive headed away from Downtown. The next phase of this project will pick up where the first phase ended, which is at the intersection of Columbia Avenue and North Lake Drive. This next phase will address traffic issues in the corridor from that intersection to the area in front of Herndon Chevrolet. 

These traffic projects are just a glimpse of what the Town has going on. We hope you will join us for the Council Meeting on February 7 or visit our website to see the full State of the Town Address.