Future Transportation Projects

Corley Mill at Sunset Blvd Gateway Improvements

The Town of Lexington is committed to easing the traffic burdens at the Corley Mill Gateway, thus embarking on a long-term corridor redevelopment plan to address traffic and safety issues. For more information, click here.

Visit the US 378 Sunset Split website here

SCDOT Projects in Lexington

Many of the main thoroughfares in Lexington are owned and maintained by my South Carolina Department of Transportation. For a link to their current Transportation projects funded on a state level, click here

378 at Old Cherokee Road

Improvements to the intersection of Old Cherokee Road and Sunset Blvd (Hwy 378) will include constructing an additional right-turn lane and signal modifications. A landscaped median island will also be extended from Old Cherokee Road eastward towards Scotland Drive. This eliminates left-turn conflicts and improves overall corridor efficiency. For more information, click here.