February 2021

For decades the Town of Lexington has been taking steps to improve the water quality in our lakes and streams by making sure sewage is disposed of properly. 

Now, with the recent takeover of the final private sewer plant in the area, the Town of Lexington is set to be the first completed regional sewer system in the Midlands. This entire effort is in accordance with the Clean Water Act of 1972, which works to safeguard our natural waterways. 

The Town's original plant was on Cherry Hall Drive and it was closed out in 1985 sending the wastewater to the Coventry Woods Plant. Then in November of 1995, the Town purchased the Whiteford Wastewater Plant from the City of West Columbia and it was closed out in July of 1999. 

The Town purchased the Lakewood Wastewater Plant from Lakewood Utilities in February of 1999 and it was closed out in September of that year. In 2001, the Victorian Lakes Mobile Home Park plant was connected to the 12 Mile Creek sewer system and it was closed out. 

In 2015 the Town closed out the Coventry Woods Wastewater Treatment Plant, which was originally built in 1975. And in 2018 the Town purchased the 1-20 wastewater treatment lagoon and diverted sewage flow to the Town's force main, allowing closeout to begin. 

The final takeover was of the Watergate Wastewater Treatment Facility, which happened in December. It will take approximately two years to completely close it out and divert sewage flow to the 14 Mile Creek line, which is treated at a state of the art facility. We'd like to thank the city of Cayce and the Joint Municipal Water and Sewer Commission for their partnership in building that plant.