October 2020

The Town of Lexington has received a Municipal Achievement Award for its Adaptive Signalization System which uses cutting edge technology to improve traffic flow and decrease travel time. The town won in the 10,001 - 20,000 population category. 

As you know, Lexington has seen major population growth in recent decades, with much more projected in the future. Because of this, Council established congestion relief as a key goal of the town's Vision Plan and the Adaptive Signalization System works toward this ambition. 

Cameras mounted to traffic signals monitor flow and allow the system to make adjustments in real-time. The cameras also coordinate to create what is known as a 

"green light tunnel" as a way of handling traffic volume. Emergency vehicles are equipped with hardware that can override the light system allowing them to respond to calls quickly. 

Funding for the $6.6-million project came from the Central Midlands Council of Governments' Columbia Area Transportation Study Guideshare Program, as well as Lexington County and Lexington Medical Center. The town's transportation department worked alongside SCOOT during the installation of the signals and now does maintenance, along with day to day operational management of the overall system. 

The system has successfully cut travel time nearly in half for portions of Highway 378. Soon, the system will be applied to all of the Town's traffic signals, which will make Lexington the first municipality in the state to have this complete integration .