April 2020

Traffic improvement projects are a top priority for Council and for the Town of Lexington’s overall development and growth.

Currently, work is underway on the final phase of the Town’s Adaptive Signalization System project. Once complete, all Town maintained traffic lights will be synced up onto one network.

This means all traffic lights will be equipped with cameras that monitor and make adjustments based on real-time traffic flow.

The system will coordinate with signals downstream in reference to the volume of traffic in queue and create "green light tunnels." The tunnels will be based on theactual number of vehicles waiting and duration time to improve overall travel time.

In addition to the improved travel time, certain emergency vehicles will be equipped with ’Preemption Traffic Interrupters’ to override the traffic light and turn the upcoming signals green. This will improve the speed of emergency transport and clear the traffic ahead of the first responder, making a pathway for them to get through.

This is just one of many traffic projects that will take place in the year ahead. Follow us on Facebook and visit our website for updates.