Local Vendors

Lexington Town Council has recently expanded the existing local vendor preference to further encourage economic activity in the Town, the central midlands region and throughout the state of South Carolina.

The expanded local vendor preference provides for the following:
  • Creation of a registry of local vendors which are eligible for the local preference credit.
  • Expansion of the local vendor preference to include subcontractors.
  • Higher maximum local preference credit limits for in-town and in-Lexington County businesses.
  • Large project proposers required to document attempts to include local vendors in proposals.
  • New credit for businesses located in Newberry, Richland, Kershaw and Fairfield counties.
  • Promotion of the registry of local vendors to contractors proposing on town projects.

Joining the Registry

Your business may be able to benefit from this expanded credit either through directly contracting with the town or as a subcontractor on various town projects. In order to participate in the registry of eligible vendors you need to complete the "Local Vendor Preference Application and Certification" form and indicate the types for goods and services provided by your company.