February 2016

As I deliver my third State of the Town Address this month, I continue to beam with pride from our accomplishments. . 

The Town of Lexington is taking continued steps to improve water quality for our citizens, and the entire Midlands Region, by decommissioning the Coventry Woods Wastewater Plant. This is the fourth satellite facility we have closed as part of the regional plan to process and treat flow at the City of Cayce Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility (opened in fall 2012). 

The closing of these smaller facilities, in our service area, eliminates discharge to the Lower Saluda River and provides cleaner outflow by being treated at a state-of-the art regional processing facility. This technology provides upgraded service accommodating the Town of Lexington, the fourth-fastest growing municipality in South Carolina. (83% since 2000) 

As of September 2015, all 1 million gallons/per day of flow has transferred from the Coventry Woods Wastewater Plant to the CCRWTF. 

The Town of Lexington is currently flowing 3.1 million gallons/per day to the CCRWTF, which is less than a quarter of the Town's available capacity, ensuring we are prepared for future growth. 

Learn more about our 2015 achievements, along with our 2016 goals, by reading the full State of the Town Address on our website.