March 2015

As I prepare to give my second State of the Town Address, I can't help but beam with pride reflecting on all we have accomplished in 2014 but Council and I also know there is always more work that can and will be done. Here is an in depth look at one of our most anticipated projects, the Adaptive Computerized Signalization System. 

Last spring we took our first step in addressing traffic concerns with the completion of Phase I of the Unified Traffic Plan. Now, we can turn our attention to another solution to ease our traffic woes. The Adaptive Computerized Signalization System will be our newest traffic mitigation initiative. The town was again fortunate to receive funding, this time through the Central Midlands Council of Government with Columbia Area Transportation Study (COATS) Share Funding and Lexington County C- Funds, totaling $5.1 million. 

Phase-1 of the project includes 19-signalized intersections. Bids were opened last month and construction is expected to begin later this month, lasting six – nine months. The system is planned to be fully operational by the end of the calendar year. Phase-2 will include the remaining 16 signals and is expected to go to bid as soon as right of way issues are resolved. 

This system will help place Lexington at the forefront of traffic management through the latest, innovative computer technology. We would be the first municipality in the state to implement this new technology at all traffic signal intersections in town. This is just another way we are being proactive and preparing for the anticipated growth we project for the future. 

The Adaptive Computerized Signalization System is just one of the many Vision Plan Projects that will be highlighted during my State of the Town Address on Monday, March 2, 2015 at 6:30pm in Council Chambers. I advise everyone to take time to actively engage themselves by tuning into the address live through our Time Warner Cable Station or On Demand via our website. You may also replay the March Council meeting or view the PDF document, both available on our website.