September 2015

Through the Vision Plan, adopted in May 2012, the Town of Lexington has embarked on several projects to enhance the quality of life for our citizens. 

In the past three years, we have built Lexington Square Park, home to the Town's Farmers Market and Snowball Festival. Additionally, we opened Lexington Paw Park, dedicated to our four-legged family members. The three-acre park, located on Hendrix St. at the Water Tower, provides dogs and their owners a wonderful atmosphere to play, socialize and interact. Finally, we unveiled Fourteen Mile Creek Trail, located off North Lake Dr. and Old Cherokee Rd., allowing residents to enjoy the scenic nature that lies within our backyards. The trail is 3,500 feet long and features bridges, an educational kiosk and an outdoor learning center. This is a perfect way to take in the fresh air and enjoy the natural beauty of Lexington. 

The newest attraction is the Project Ice House Amphitheater, which breaks ground this month. The 900-seat venue is slated to open in Spring 2016 and will host various community events including concerts, creating the newest destination for residents and tourists alike to enjoy a night out on the town. Future development for Project Icehouse includes boutique retail and eateries, boosting the revitalization of downtown Lexington. 

In addition to the amphitheater, the Town is currently working on the Old Mill Pond Trail. This public/private partnership will be one-mile long and includes bridges, boardwalks and connectivity to S. Lake Drive. We also anticipate this project to open in Spring 2016.