May 2014

The Town of Lexington is transforming before our very eyes. Spring is bringing us the completion of several projects including Phase I of the Unified Traffic Plan, I-20/Sunset Blvd. Interchange Beautification Project and Fourteen Mile Creek Trail. 

Phase I of the Unified Traffic Improvement Plan is complete and has already started to address some of our traffic congestion. This project took eight long years of working with federal and state governments, especially SCDOT, to launch and we secured more than $14 million that was dedicated to this project. Over the last year construction included major intersections and road widening. You will see a new and improved W. Butler St., Columbia Ave., Reed St., W. Main St., Old Chapin Rd. and Park Rd. along with the new mast arms. These are just the first of 35 mast arms the town will be installing as part of the Adaptive Computerized Signalization System which will begin in the coming months. 

The Interstate 20/Sunset Blvd Interchange Beautification Project, is a joint venture with the town receiving a SCDOT Interchange and Gateway Beautification grant, which will transform the corridor into an attractive "front porch" entrance into Lexington. The project was awarded $620,000, collectively, and includes landscaping and signage welcoming travelers to our wonderful town as they come off I-20 onto Sunset Blvd. This project is also in conjunction with Lexington County and the Lexington Beautification Foundation. We will unveil the welcome sign on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 10am. We welcome you to join us and see the hard work that has been done to provide this beautiful landmark that is unique to the Town of Lexington. 

Finally, the Town of Lexington is providing additional green amenities that will allow residents to enjoy the scenic nature that lies within our backyards. The Fourteen Mile Creek Trail will be located off North Lake Dr. and Old Cherokee Rd. and is currently under construction. The extreme winter weather has halted some of the progress but we anticipate the project to open late spring. The trail will be 3,500 feet long and will feature bridges, an educational kiosk and an outdoor learning center. This is a perfect way to take in the fresh air and enjoy the natural beauty of Lexington. 

We hope you take a moment to appreciate these wonderful additions being made in the Town of Lexington as it is our goal to provide the highest quality of life to our citizens. 

Learn more about these projects on our website. Visit the Vision Plan page and the Traffic page.