March 2013

As Mayor, I am proud of our Town and that our citizens fully engage themselves in community activities and take great pride in making Lexington a great place. If you are new to the community or are looking to become more involved, the Town has several ways for you to invest your time and talents.

First, our outstanding Police Department will be hosting their annual Citizen's Academy, starting this month. This nine week course, allows citizens an up close and personal look at our department which will give you insight into patrol functions, criminal investigations, narcotics and community policing. This course has now been extended to reach our youngest voting citizens by allowing those 18 and older to participate. Many of our Citizen's Academy Graduates become members of our Volunteers in Policing Program and assist with many of our annual events such as Wine Walk, Oktoberfest, Fall Fest and Snowball Festival. It is very pleasing to see such a wide array of citizens actively participating to learn how the Police Department serves the public with safety and security as the number one priority.

Many citizens love our Town and want to engage themselves in its continued growth and success. We have wonderful opportunities for you to become involved through our array of boards and commissions. These committees tackle issues from accommodations tax, building and zoning, historic preservation, traffic and the overall well being of the community. These committees are vital to the Town as they give guidance on many issues before they reach Council. Guidance and advice provides valuable input on those issues facing Council, so we can take the best and most prudent action for the good our Town and citizens.

In the coming weeks, we will be asking your input on amenities you would like to see built in our most recent project to revitalize our downtown - Project Icehouse. We will keep you informed on scheduled public forums for the initiative.

I encourage everyone to participate in the Citizen's Academy Course, become a member of a board or commission or attend any of our Council Meetings. Link into Lexington by viewing Time Warner Cable Ch. 2, watching live on our website, On Demand, or stay connected through Facebook and Twitter .

To learn more about our Boards and Commissions, visit our website or contact the Municipal Clerk's Office at (803) 951-4635.

I hope you have a wonderful March. I will share more "Good Stuff" with you next month.

Thank You!