April 2013

Our town is growing beyond anyone's imagination, especially those of us who remember Lexington just a decade or two ago. The Town of Lexington was recently ranked fifth in the "Best Small Cities" annual list known as "In Search of Eden", published by Charles Anderson. Mr. Anderson travels across the southeast looking for special communities with charm and unique culture, something that is deeply engrained here in Lexington.

As town residents, you have the opportunity to help guide and mold Lexington into the greatest municipality in South Carolina. Town Council and I are proud of the LexingtonVision Plan which will serve as a roadmap to our future.

In the last eleven months since its adoption, we have built Lexington Square, helped provide Main St. businesses grants to help improve their exterior facade and have expanded our annual Christmas celebration into a weekend full of activities. It is wonderful to see how much we have achieved within the last year.

These projects could not have happened without your involvement and support of the LexingtonVision Plan. In order to maintain our small town charm and provide quality of life, it is imperative we continue to ask for your assistance. As I mentioned in last month's newsletter, we are asking for your input on amenities you would like to see built in our most recent project to revitalize our downtown - Project Icehouse. We will be hosting a series of design workshops for citizens and businesses to provide input on this unique project. Please join us at one of the following sessions: Tuesday, April the 16th at 9am and 6pm, and Wednesday, April the 24th at 9am, 12pm and 6pm.

I encourage everyone to participate in the upcoming forums for Project Icehouse. You are the "stakeholders" of our town and it is important that Town Council hears your voice, so please let us hear your ideas. I hope to see you at one of the workshops.


To learn more about the Lexington Vision Plan, visit our website or contact Johnny Jeffcoat, Community and Economic Catalyst at (803) 358-1586.