June 2013

The Town of Lexington will open its 3rd Annual Farmers Market this month at 206 N. Church Street (the Old Shoebox building). It will operate every Saturday from 9am-1pm until October 26. We are proud to offer this community service to our citizens and to showcase local produce, nursery, food and artisan vendors.

The Farmers Market was the first project spawned under the Vision Plan, actually opening in 2011 while we were still formulating the overall plan. We knew that a key component to our Vision Plan was to bring activity back downtown and to create a social/networking opportunity spot ALL residents could enjoy beyond the market.

The premise for the market came from a visit to Greenville where along with members of Council, staff and our Vision Plan team, we visited Greenville's Main St. to learn how we can infuse the same programming to transform Lexington's downtown. We learned that Greenville's Saturday Farmers Market, opened in 2002, moved to the heart of downtown on Main St., giving the event a prime location to be hosted in tandem with other events.

From this trip, Council, staff and I became very excited of the Town's possibilities and thus our Farmers Market was born. Using the same concept as the Greenville Market, we are now housed in an indoor location, giving patrons an opportunity to shop, rain or shine, and in the comfort of air-conditioning.

Our goal for Lexington is much like Greenville's...move the Market to Main St. in the coming years. This will come to fruition through Project Icehouse, as it would allow us to expand the Farmers Market to Main St. and incorporate it with activities happening at the Amphitheatre Plaza.

Lexington is doing some "Good Stuff" as we continue to implement our Vision Plan. We are on the cusp of transforming downtown to a destination filled with retail, restaurants and family activities. We are happy you and your family will be able to take this journey with us and look forward to what tomorrow brings to our Town! Have a great Summer!