December 2012

The Town of Lexington has had a remarkable year of outstanding accomplishments. Town Council worked diligently with the community stakeholders and staff to develop our Vision Plan. I am pleased to say we have already completed several first year projects including the opening of Lexington Square Park, reopening our Farmers Market at a new indoor location, launching our Main St. Facade program and our most recent event, the Snowball Festival, a perfect way to kick-off the Christmas holiday season.

The Vision Plan will also see a variety of projects in the coming year like the I-20/Sunset Blvd. Interchange Beautification Project, the opening of our newest recreational space the Town of Lexington Dog Park and the implementation of the adaptive computerized signalization system to help alleviate our ever increasing traffic congestion.

Traffic mitigation issues has been at the forefront of 2012 as construction of the Town's Phase I Unified Traffic Plan finally began after being initiated eight years ago. The project will take up to 24 months to complete. It encompasses Butler St., Columbia Ave, Reed Ave., Main St., Old Chapin Rd. and Park Rd. Please be patient with this process during construction. This is the first of several steps the Town is taking to address our growing traffic concerns.

Finally, the Town is proud to announce the official opening of our Joint Wastewater Treatment Facility in partnership with the City of Cayce and the Joint Municipal Water and Sewer Commission. The Town has more than 49% capacity at the facility, which will ultimately be able to process 25 million gallons per day. Our investment of $32.9 million allows the Town to continue infrastructure expansion and allows us to be proactive for the residential and commercial growth in the greater Lexington community for the next several decades.

With all these accomplishments, it is exciting to say that Town Council and I are looking forward to a wonderful 2013 full of even more achievements!

Many wishes for a Merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year to you and your family!