December 2010

As you read this message, I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. We are now in the full swing of the holiday season and 2011 will be here before we can say Happy New Year.

I want to take the opportunity to thank our wonderful staff, whose dedication make it possible to provide you with a wonderful quality of life. I know I can speak for my fellow Council Members when I say, it is a joy to serve as their leaders. Also, I want to thank my fellow members of Council who have committed themselves to making informed decisions on issues that will impact us today and tomorrow. Finally, I want to thank the endless number of volunteers that graciously lend their time and resources to the Town by serving on our many Boards and Committees. The old saying is true, "It takes a village to raise a child". In our case the "Child" is our great Town and I hope that we continue to Build Partnerships, work diligently on our Vision Plan and grow from our success.

Happy Holidays.