Corley Mill at Sunset Blvd Gateway Improvements

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The Town of Lexington is committed to easing the traffic burdens at the Corley Mill Gateway, thus embarking on long term corridor redevelopment plan to address traffic and safety issues.

Project Focus

The focus of the project is to improve current traffic flow through the Corley Mill Road and U.S. 378 intersection which serves as the primary Gateway to the Town. Currently, the average daily traffic on U.S. 378 (Sunset Boulevard) is approximately 32,000 vehicles per day and on Corley Mill Road 9,100 vehicles per day.


The first phase is funded through the hospitality tax and will begin construction this summer (2018). The project includes widening along Ginny Lane, from Sunset Boulevard to Saluda Pointe Drive, creating dual right hand turn lanes. Additionally, improvements will be made at the I-20 Westbound ramp creating a right-turn at the exit signal, allowing traffic to safely proceed into the left turn lane for Ginny Lane.

To help fund the larger scope of the project, the Town of Lexington has requested participation from Lexington County, Lexington School District One and other related taxing authorities to implement a Tax Increment Financing District for the Corley Mill/Sunset Boulevard Gateway Corridor. Through the funding, the Town will improve capacity by utilizing existing parallel roadways at Dedrick Drive and Sunset Boulevard.

Finally, future development includes the construction of an overpass joining Corley Mill Road to Davega Road, allowing motorists to bypass the gateway intersections and merge onto I-20, thus alleviating congestion.