Goals of the Vision Plan

Improve Traffic Flow

Implement transportation strategies that are innovative, progressive, provide options and enhance the quality of life; diminish traffic from being Lexington's story; work in concert with the county.

Create a Vibrant Destination Main Street

Host regular and diverse events for all ages; recruit local and national businesses and retail shops to invest in Main Street (improve local economy), support free Wi-Fi hot spots throughout town (business establishments and public places); encourage alternate truck routes.

Support & Encourage an Iconic Presence on Lake Murray

Support a multi-use development for residents and visitors that improves connectivity and access between the town and Lake Murray.

Preserve & Celebrate the Origins of Lexington

Many feel as if the history of Lexington is slipping away. Work to preserve and celebrate the treasured history of Lexington through signage, tourism opportunities, design standards, community events and local businesses.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere With Beautiful, Landscaped "Front Porches"

Design and construct unique and beautiful "front porches" that welcome all to this historic town with landscaping that provides beauty and shade; install signage (I-20 interchanges, in town and throughout the county) that directs people to places in Lexington; work in concert with the county.

Improve Pedestrian & Bike Access & Connectivity

Create a comprehensive trail system that connects people to venues in town and throughout the region (Lake Murray, Saluda Shoals Park, Three Rivers Greenway, Palmetto trail, etc.); work in concert with the county.

Remain a Charming Small Town in the Face of Exponential Growth

Adopt planning districts throughout town with appropriate design and development standards that reflect the unique character and use/activity of each district; enforce/encourage authentic efforts that celebrate the spirit of Lexington; connect and enhance what's here.

Provide for the Social & Recreational Needs of Residents

Meet the needs of all residents, but particularly youth and young professionals, beyond organized sports by encouraging more in-town opportunities for movies, entertainment, food, cultural activities, access to Lake Murray, social and passive recreation, etc.

Respect the Unique Rural Character of Lexington

Institute rural development standards that are sustainable while encouraging continued economic activity; work in concert with the county.