Vision Plan

Purpose of the Vision Plan

The overall purpose of the Vision Plan is to provide a "roadmap" for development in the Town of Lexington over the next 20 years by prioritizing and leveraging public resources that will attract private sector investment.

The essence of Lexington, as gleaned through months of listening, analyzing and observing, is this: Lexington is a wonderful small town with a unique history and an amazing future due to its exemplary schools, caring neighbors, safe and affordable neighborhoods, active faith communities, healthy business and industry environment, Lake Murray and the beautiful natural environment. The recommendations of this Vision Plan seek to preserve this essence while enhancing and sustaining these blessings for generations to come. Even with the very real challenge of improving traffic flow in the face of consistent growth, the residents of the town treasure the community values and have great hope in the future. Addressing these challenges will require some new thinking and actions. But, there is an abiding and strong community spirit to be tapped and new voices to engage in order to reach this vision, which came from over 400 voices strong of shared ideas and opinions. The Town of Lexington is worthy of this vision, which will ensure that the essence of Lexington is even better in 10, 15, 25 years than it is today.