The Utilities Department's main goal is to ensure the continuous operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater systems. Personnel are on-call 24 hours a day to assure that customers receive the service they need and to respond to emergencies to minimize customer inconvenience.

The Town of Lexington provides water and sewer service to nearly 22,500 customers both within the town limits and in unincorporated areas of Lexington County. If you are uncertain about whether the Town or another utility provides your service you may contact us at 803-951-4630.

For questions or problems with your services, please call the Utilities Department at 803-359-2434.

Water Distribution

The water distribution crews are responsible for installing new water service connections, relocating and repairing water mains, water line inspections, flushing water lines, right of way maintenance, valves and fire hydrant maintenance.

Wastewater Collection

The wastewater collection crews are responsible for pump station maintenance, manholes, sewer line installation, extensions, replacements, right of way maintenance and sewer line inspections.