Project Submittals / Plan Reviews

This information is provided to aid in the submittal of projects to the Town of Lexington, please understand that projects vary and some items may differ from what is indicated here.

The following will take you through the process of submitting plans to the Town of Lexington for review and inspection and ultimately our ownership and operation of sewer and/or water mains. Included are required documentation as well as forms and fee schedules to estimate charges, all which are necessary to submit for SCDHEC Construction Permits through the Town.

Service Availability

For existing water and sewer availability and to access as-builts view our maps page. To request a Flow Test (PDF), fax completed form and location map to 803-951-4648, or send it via email.


If a contractor or developer has any questions regarding Town specifications in the infrastructure for water and sewer service, please contact Kevin Rodgers (email), Town Inspector, at 803-358-1542.

Plan Review

Direct any questions that were not answered throughout this website regarding submittal and review of plans for new development within the Town of Lexington service area to Rosemarie Nuzzo (email), 803-951-4646