Your Feedback is Important

The Lexington Police Department is dedicated to the provision of the highest possible quality of law enforcement service to the public. The department is committed to courteously accepting and impartially investigating all complaints regarding the actions and performance of our personnel.

How to File a Complaint

A complaint can be made with the Lexington Police Department in the following ways:

  • Please call 803-359-6260, or go to the Lexington Police Department at 111 Maiden Lane and request to speak with a member of the Office of Professional Standards or the on-duty supervisor
  • Write a letter to the Office of Professional Standards at:
    111 Maiden Lane
    Lexington, SC 29072
    Fax: 803-951-4643
  • Complete the Online Complaint Form
The officer receiving your complaint will attempt to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible for you.

The Interview

An officer will address the complaint with you. It may be possible that the officer will be able to explain the employee's actions to your satisfaction. If, after this discussion, you are satisfied, then no further action will be taken. However, if the complaint is not resolved at that time, the officer will make a record of your complaint and forward to the appropriate personnel.

After the Complaint is Made

A record of your complaint will be forwarded to the Office of Professional Standards for review and assignment. At that time, it will be determined if the complaint should be handled by the involved employee's supervisor or to initiate investigation by the Office of Professional Standards.

Length of the Process

The department requires by policy that investigations of all complaints be completed within 30 days from the time they are received. Any extension required beyond that may be granted by the Chief of Police upon written request of the investigator.

What Happens After the Investigation

The results of each investigation will be discussed with the Chief of Police and appropriate members of the staff. If evidence supports a violation of department policy or procedure only it will be handled internally. If the matter is criminal in nature, it will be forwarded to the appropriate jurisdiction for further investigation.

What if a Member is in Violation of Agency Regulations?

The findings of the investigation will be forwarded to the Chief of Police for consideration of disciplinary action. The Chief of Police is the final authority concerning disciplinary action.

Your Rights After the Investigation

You will be notified of the conclusion of any investigation regarding your complaint.