The benefits of accreditation include: 
  • Access to the latest methods developed by experts in law enforcement
  • Better internal management practices
  • Controlled liability insurance costs
  • Deterrence against lawsuits and strengthened defense against citizen complaints
  • Greater accountability within the agency
  • Increased community confidence, respect, and advocacy
  • Precise written manual of policies and procedures
  • Promotion of high morale among personnel
  • Support from government officials


These benefits result from a law enforcement agency adhering to the highest level of professional standards in five broad areas: 
  • Auxiliary and technical services
  • Law enforcement operations, operational support, and traffic law enforcement
  • Organization, management, and administration of department functions
  • Prisoner and court-related services
  • Roles, responsibilities, and relationships with other agencies

LPD Accreditation History

The Lexington Police Department began its initial pursuit of South Carolina Law Enforcement Association (SCLEA) accreditation in 1998. In 2000, the Commission awarded accredited status to the Department. This process was repeated in 2003 and 2006 with accreditation re-affirmed for another three year period in each case. 

Under Chief Green, the Lexington Police Department remains fully committed to maintaining the professionalism afforded through accreditation. In addition to maintaining state accreditation, the department was awarded its first award though the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) in March of 2009. Preparation for this International Accreditation is normally scheduled for a three year period. The department, thanks to its strong leadership and established policies and practices, was able to meet these goals in half that time. 

As part of the process for reaffirming accreditation, an agency must allow for public comment during the self-study phase of the process. At the time the Department begins its triennial renewal in 2017, notice of this opportunity for comment will be made available via this website and other media outlets.

Questions or concerns about accreditation should be directed to Lieutenant Matt Timmerman (email) in the Office of Professional Standards at 803-359-6260.