Victim's Services

The Town of Lexington began its victim's advocate program in October 1999 to provide assistance to all individual crime victims. Along with being available during normal business hours, the Lexington Police Department's Victim's Advocate is also on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Where applicable, the Victim's Advocate can/will: 
  • Assist victims in securing restraining orders
  • Attend with or represent victims at court hearings
  • Notify victims of all court hearings
  • Provide public information seminars
  • Provide referrals for crisis counseling
  • Provide referrals for financial assistance
  • Provide services to all victims of a crime within 24 hours

Victim's Compensation Fund

The Department's Victim's Advocate can also provide information on the SC Victim's Compensation Fund. This resource is intended to help individuals with medical expenses, loss of earnings, counseling expenses or funeral expenses that result from a crime. To qualify, individuals must report the crime to police within 48 hours (if possible), cooperate with law enforcement and the Governor's Office Division of Victim's Assistance, and complete an application.