Narcotics / Vice

The Narcotics/Vice Investigator's primary tasks are enforcing laws related to prostitution, gambling and narcotics. Investigations may begin from sources developed by the Patrol Division, other investigators, anonymous sources, citizen complaints or other investigative techniques and information. This investigator also participates in multi-agency regional task forces. 

A major part of combating illicit drugs is education. You can also learn more about types of commonly abused drugs, how to report drug activity and more importantly how to get help for a friend or loved one who may have a substance abuse problem or drug addiction.

Drug Education Resources

Substance Abuse Resources

Lexington County Multi-Agency NET Member

The Lexington County Narcotics Enforcement Team is comprised of various officers from multiple agencies working together in order to combat illegal drugs within the County of Lexington. The Narcotics/Vice Investigator is assigned to this team in order to increase the investigative ability and resources within the Town of Lexington.