Bid Number: 18-002
Category: Police Department
Status: Closed


The Town of Lexington (Town) is contemplating a conversion to new Records Management System (RMS) and Court software system with specific integration to the Town’s current financial software.  The implementation will be completed in phases with the first phase anticipated to begin within 45 days of contract award.  The software should include functionality for but not limited to court case management, mobile citations, records management, work orders, GIS tie in, online citizen services, and a report writer.

As part of the project the vendor must establish and implement a training program for Town users to teach the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively use the technology being proposed.  The vendor will also be required to provide ongoing technical support and documentation to implement system updates as they become available.  Further, the vendor must indicate in the proposal the total cost to perform data conversion services and a detailed description of the conversion services proposed including programming.  It is the vendor’s responsibility to obtain the necessary information from the Town to provide the conversion services.  Mutually agreed specifications for the conversion services and testing procedures will be included in the contract.

PROPOSAL SUBMISSION:  To be considered during the evaluation of proposals, vendors are required to submit all requested information including pricing detail by module.  Pricing should include all costs related to the software, required hardware, conversion of existing data, installation, training, final implementation, recurring fees, and convenience costs.  Any vendor who chooses to submit a proposal by combining various software packages must submit a single proposal detailing the responsible vendor for each module as well as assuming the final responsibility for ensuring smooth integration of all software presented.  Every topic and question listed in this request for proposal must be addressed.

The total project cost is a major factor in the decision process but not the only consideration.  Other decision factors are the track record of the vendor with conversions at other organizations of similar size and complexity; vendor identification and understanding of the Town’s requirements; experience and qualifications of key vendor implementation support personnel; and track record in providing quality customer support.

The proposal shall be deemed an offer to provide services to the Town.  In submitting a proposal, the proposer declares that he/she understands and agrees to abide by all specifications, provisions, terms and conditions of same, and all ordinances and policies of the Town of Lexington including the Business License Ordinance.  The proposer agrees that if the contract is awarded to him/her, he/she will perform the work in accordance with the provisions, terms and conditions of the contract.  The proposal shall be prepared with a straightforward, concise delineation of the vendor’s capabilities to satisfy the requirements of this RFP.  The proposer shall submit the original properly signed in blue ink and clearly marked “Original”, and ten (10) copies of the proposal.  Proposals must be received no later than April 11, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.  Proposals should be addressed to Town of Lexington Finance, ATTN:  Sherry Brooks, 111 Maiden Lane, PO Box 397, Lexington, SC 29071.  The container shall be identified with the RFP Title, the name of the vendor, and the date and time of closing.

By submitting a proposal, the proposer declares that he understands and agrees that this proposal, specifications, provisions, terms and conditions of same, shall become a valid contract between the Town and the undersigned upon notice of award of contract in writing and/or issuance of a purchase order by the Town.  As a general rule, proposals received after the published deadline will not be accepted and will be returned unopened. However, the Finance Director (or her designee) shall reserve the right to accept proposals received after the posted deadline under the following conditions:

  • The tardy submission of the proposal is due to the following circumstances, which shall include but not be limited to: late delivery by commercial carrier such as Fed Ex, UPS, or courier where delivery was scheduled before the deadline, appears inadvertent and;
  • The acceptance of said proposals does not afford any competing firm an unfair advantage in the selection process.

No Proposal can be withdrawn after it is filed unless the proposer makes his/her request in writing to the Town prior to the time set for the opening of Proposals, or unless the Town fails to accept it within sixty (60) days after the date fixed for opening.

Submission of a signed proposal is proposer's certification that the proposer will accept any awards made to him as a result of said submission of the terms contained therein.

Proposer’s taking exception to any part or section of these instructions or conditions shall indicate such exceptions on their proposal.  Failures to indicate any exceptions shall be interpreted as the proposer’s intent to fully comply with the specifications as written. Exceptions taken by proposers may result in evaluation point deductions and/or exclusion of proposal for Selection Committee consideration, depending on extent of exception(s). Such determination shall be at the sole discretion of the Selection Committee.

Publication Date/Time:
3/5/2018 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
4/11/2018 2:00 PM
Submittal Information:
Town of Lexington Finance, ATTN: Sherry Brooks, 111 Maiden Lane, PO Box 397, Lexington, SC 29071
Bid Opening Information:
April 11, 2018 at 2:00 p.m
Contact Person:
Other than minor procedural matters, questions regarding this proposal must be in writing and submitted to:

Bea Daniels
IT Manager
Town of Lexington
111 Maiden Lane
PO Box 397
Lexington, SC 29071
(803) 951-4636
(803) 359-4460 - Fax

Questions must be received no later than seven (7) Town work days prior to Proposal acceptance date. Should any questions or responses require revisions to the Request for Proposal as originally published, such revisions will be by formal amendment only.

Please note that this bid has been extended for two weeks and will now end on April 11th, 2018 at 2:00 PM.
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