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Application for Review of Business Location

  1. All Business in the Town of Lexington are reviewed for compliance with current zoning, landscaping, building, utility and other requirements. The appropriate departments will review this business location for such compliance. During the review, you may be contacted by Town of Lexington employees with questions regarding particular aspects of your business location. You will be contacted when we have finished processing you request.

    Please return completed application to the Business Services Center on the 3rd floor of Town Hall. Or email Tori Bassett at For any questions, please call (803)358-5938.

    NOTE: This application is not for a home based business or out of town business. Also, a business license application, and waste water treatment form (if utilities will be places in business name) must be submitted along with this application.

  2. Reason for Submitting Form

    Check all that apply.

  3. Does this location have an alarm/security system?

  4. If no, will one be installed?

  5. Is this a change of use from previous occupancy (i.e: retail store to restaurant)?

  6. Is there a grease trap?

    (Please note that you may be contacted)

  7. Are you obtaining or transferring utilities (water and/or sewer service) in/into your name?

    * Please note that utility service will not be transferred until Location Review is Completed.

  8. All signs need to be approved and permitted.

  9. Will any new signage be installed at this location?

  10. Has the sign contractor submitted a permit application?

    If no, please have sign contractor complete a sign permit application prior to installation.

  11. Will a temporary banner be put up at this location?

    If yes, please fill out a temporary banner permit.

  12. Will any renovations be done at this location?

  13. Has a permit been submitted for the above work?

    (Painting & flooring do not require permits)

  14. Please note that you may be contacted based on scope of work above to apply for a permit if you have not already done so.

  15. Are you hiring a contractor to do this work?

  16. Please initial.

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