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Police Ride-A-Long Form

  1. Is this ride-a-long a course requirement?

  2. Are you related to or associated with any employee(s) of this department?

  3. I would like your permission to ride with an officer of the Lexington Police Department during the day/night shift (hours will be designated by Lexington Police Department as available). I understand that this request is good only for the above date and time.

  4. Ride-A-Long:
    - Maximium length of time per ride is 4 hours.
    - Same individual can ride a maximum of 1 time per month.
    - Following dress code for riders: Casual attire; however, no shorts, t-shirts, halter-tops, mini-skirts, sandals, etc. are to be worn. Rider can be refused for improper appearance.
    - Ride-A-Longs will be scheduled to begin at least one hour after a shift change occurs and end one hour prior to a shift change. (6:30am/6:30pm)
    - A criminal background check will be conducted on the individual prior to the ride. Lexington Police Department's Chief of Police reserves the right to refuse a rider's request due to results of a criminal background check.
    - Cameras, video cameras or recording devices of any kind are not allowed and no rider will use any information received when riding without the permission of the Chief.
    - No one under 18 years of age will be allowed to ride with an officer on duty.
    - The rider may be subpoenaed into court as a witness to any situation/incident he or she observes during the ride-a-long.

    - No rider will carry a weapon, with the exception being another police officer.
    - No rider will interfere with the office at any time or in any way.
    - The rider will at all times follow all instructions of the officer with whom they are riding.
    - Teh rider will remain in teh squad car at all times, unless directed to do otherwise by the officer.
    - At no time will the rider operate the police radio, except in the case of an emergency.
    - Riders will at all times conducted themselves with the utmost dignity and integrity.
    - The Lexington Police Department officers may put a rider out of the car at any time for the following reasons:
    * Failure to adhere to the requirements as advised.
    * When potentially dangerous calls are received, the rider will be put out of the vehicle for his/her own safety prior to officer responding, if possible, and if it is safe to do so.
    * At any time an officer feels a situation(s) may warrant the ride can be terminated.
    * Any deviation and/or exception to the above is at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

  5. I have read and understand the above ride-a-long rules and rules of conduct governing a rider. I also understand that any violation of these rules can result in the officer revoking my permission to ride at any time or place. I agree to abide by the rules as stated above.

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