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Lexington Police Department Online Complaint Form

  1. Preferred Method of Contact

  2. As part of our efforts to be ever vigilant of addressing problems before they arise, we collect this data to determine any potential negative trends in officer behavior such as racial profiling or sexual harassment.

    The information in this section is completely voluntary, not required and has no bearing on our investigation.

  3. Sex

  4. Race

  5. Please describe the incident involving our officer(s).

  6. Please enter the officer's name upon which your complaint is based. State "unknown" if that is the case. If the complaint is against the department as a whole, enter "Department."

  7. Officer Action(s)*

  8. Nature of Incident*

  9. Please describe what happened. Be as detailed as possible and write as much as you would like.

  10. What do you feel would be a fair resolution to the situation that occurred?

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